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"2Ton Bridge is an act I’ve been watching since their EP “2Songs” came out last year, and with their self-titled debut set for a Labor Day Weekend release, Alexander Wright and his backup crew are coming into their own on this outlaw country disc for Monkee Room. Mr. Wright et al. echo the strains of Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings on “Waterman Town,” with “Take Your Hands Off My Land” reminiscent of the work of other Western-influenced acts as Alectro. “I’m a Hoot Owl” deals in strange subject matter but tender melodies, opening wide on

a sonic landscape of timbre and imagery."

- Eric Althoff - Washington Times music critic



"Listening to these two songs by 2TonBridge, the nom de plume of singer/songwriter Alex Wright, one gets the feeling that they're reconnecting with an old friend, even though any previous association likely never existed.Wright's warm vocals, Tammy Rogers' rich string arrangements and producer Marvin Etzioni's supple oversight makes these recordings absolutely shimmer. It's impossible not to be wholly enticed."


- Lee Zimmerman – writer – No Depression



"Helmed by Marvin Etzioni, who cut his teeth on roots music from Lone Justice

to Lucinda Williams, he wraps everything in an acoustic-based

sound that is WARM and INVITING." 


Icon Fetch (review)



“2Ton Bridge is a musical feast, reminiscently profound. It's musicality
divinely delicious, a yellow brick road of sweet, rocking merriment with
aromas akin to Leonard Cohen, Glenn Campbell, Gordon Lightfoot.
At what better dinner table could you find yourself?"


- Mark Boone Jr. (Sons of Anarchy, Batman Begins, Memento etc.)



"Americana music at it’s finest"


- Pirate's Press Record Of The Week 



"...Chugging rattle of the instruments seduces with a Roots dreamscape that glides through the song as the story looks to its future."





"Refreshingly clean, soothing and melodic."


~ Steve Hefter (Rock, Roots & Blues - Live Review)



“2Ton Bridge is spearheaded by the singular vision of
Alexander Wright. Although musically, Wright takes his cues from the
BLUES ACCENTS. Lyrically, he leans closer to the social conscience that
recalls heartland rockers Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.”


Coachella Valley Weekly,
                Palm Springs, CA



"2Ton Bridge is the real deal; music that is both complex and simple, adventurous, but slightly homesick. Country Western TWANG
PAIRED with Rock & Roll SWAGGER.” 


- Coachella Valley Weekly,

                Palm Springs, CA 



"I just heard this and I’m Loving it. I’m Loving it. This is just everything
I love about Folk Music, especially about American Folk music.
Wonderful. I absolutely adore it."


- Carl Spaul (Folk Union Chelmsford Radio, Essex, UK)



"Alex Wright (2Ton Bridge) delivers potent messages through stories crafted with true mastery. You can hear the sweat, blood, and earth, in the vibrations of voice, wood, and steel. This record is meant to be listened to in the minds-eye, projected on the heart like an old-fashioned film based in the deep south. I highly recommend listening to this album and catching 2 Ton Bridge live!"

-  Jonah Tolchin



"Alexander Wright is an undoubtedly talented writer/singer who composes very musically pleasing songs - very easy to listen to while being atmospheric and rather unique in quality. It's so nice to enjoy works like this, that go well beyond what we tend to hear everyday! It was a joy working with Alex and to have been able to be involved in some of this choice and expressive music."

Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, 
                                Joan Armatrding, 
The Proclaimers)



“I’m a fan of Alex Wright because I’m a fan of a well-crafted song.
Alex is a songwriter who’s at the caliber I admire."  

- Matt Malley (Counting Crows)



"I loved it … it was so refreshing to listen to music that was lovingly sung and that actually had something to say. A mesmerizing voice--both as a writer and as a singer--and it so clearly communicates your feelings without ever being "acted" or given a patina of false humanity.  Really lovely stuff."

 - Luigi Salerni (Director)



"A thoughtful dirge-like watery funeral pyre gives way to a full on celebration and declaration for the water men of Waterman Town - and Alex Wright  
won't let us forget them - or the hard working farmer tilling his small plot
of land. Blue collar low down soaring high grade A homegrown music!
Lot of sacred water flows under 2Ton Bridge"


- Richard Montoya (Culture Clash,
Director-‘Water and Power”, Actor)



"We are the dawn of the 21st century. A glimpse of what is to come is within 
the grooves of the debut album by 2TonBridge. 
Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist (banjo, mandolin, guitar) Alex Wright writes songs that tells the American story. 
If Fred Neil (legendary songwriter of "Everybody's Talkin'") could come back from the beyond and record a new album this might be it. Perhaps you'll hear "Pennies on the Shore,” the first single, on the radio. If not, that's okay. Discover it for yourself. Share it with a friend. Perhaps with someone you haven't seen in a long time. It's easy to burn bridges, harder to build them.
See what happens when you experience crossing 2Ton Bridge." 


- Marvin Etzioni

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