2Ton Bridge - In The Studio

(all photos by Jeff Fasano at Bank Studio in Burbank, Ca.)

A careful listen – is this the one? L to r. – Matt Malley, Alex Wright, Dave Mattacks, Jerry Donahue, Charlie Otte, Marvin Etzioni

Alexander Wright – 2Ton Bridge bringing a new one to town – “At Least Not For A While”

I think we are getting it here – Bill Mims, Dave Mattacks, Alexander Wright, Marvin Etzioni

I’m sure we can make use of this … somewhere

Marvin’s specialty – air drums

Jerry and Alex figuring out where to eat lunch

Post Lunch review – Marvin, Dave and Jerry

The man behind the board Mr. Bill Mims

Then mandolin part goes something like this -Mark Serridge, Charlie Otte, Marvin Etzioni