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2Ton Bridge is the musical persona of singer/songwriter/actor Alexander Wright, taking the name of the landmark connecting his childhood Maryland farm to the main road and the wider world. Similarly, his songs connect their down-to-earth characters – farmers, fishermen, migrants, prisoners – to society as a whole, bridging the gap with a passionate understanding of the struggle for personal dignity. “I write,” he says, “because something’s working on me inside. I try to recognize the enormity and value of life within the written picture of a moment, a gesture, a task or desire. It all comes back to two essential questions: ‘Who am I and why am I here?’” Having survived several close brushes with death, these questions are truly valid. The triumphant debut album “2Ton Bridge,” produced and arranged by Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice, Counting Crows), is Wright’s first of all-original material. The songs, recorded live and primarily with acoustic instruments, are by turns jubilant, defiant, loving and proud. They hark back to the timeless sounds of people living and working together -- the field hollers, the campfire songs, the soft prayers – bringing their stories to life via natural imagery and vivid detail.


The Players:

Alexander Wright - Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

Eric Heywood - Pedal Steel Guitar

Marvin Etzioni - Electric Mandolin

Tammy Rogers - Violin, Viola, Background Vocals

Phil Parlapiano - Accordion

Joachim Cooder - Drums, Percussion

Dylan Cooper - Standup Bass

Taylor Brasheer - Background Vocals

Mark Serridge – Bass

Jerry Donahue – Electric Guitar

Jonah Tolchin – Harmonica

David Ralicke - Horns arranged and performed

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