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01. Overture / Noise Farm   1:02

02. Waterman Town   3:28

03. Take Your Hands Off My Land   2:32

04. I’m A Hoot Owl   4:01

05. Post Hole Digger   3:19

06. Pennies On The Shore   3:01

07. She’s So Steady   3:08

08. Parchman Prison Clay   3:33

09. Nothing But Time   5:19

10. The Beast   4:11

11. Last Winter   3:25

12. I Will Do My Last Singing   1:23



Produced and Arranged by Marvin Etzioni

Associate producers – Alexander Wright and Eric Heywood

All songs written by Alexander Wright

Except (4 / 7) Written By Alexander Wright and Marvin Etzioni (Ascap)

(12) written by Rev. Gary Davis



Alexander Wright – Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Banjo / Octave Mandolin / National Steel Guitar

Eric Heywood – Pedal Steel Guitar / Lap Steel Guitar / Electric Guitar / Nylon Guitar

Marvin Etzioni – Electric Mandolin / Keyboards / Bass (4) / Electric Guitar / Mandocello / Backup Vocals

Joachim Cooder – Drums / Percussion

Dylan Cooper – Bass (1,2,4,6,7,9,11)

Jerry Donahue – Electric Guitar (3,5,10)

Phil Parlapiano – Accordion ( 1,2,4,6,7,9,11)

Mark Serridge – Bass (3,5,10)

Tammy Rodgers and Taylor Brasheer –Backup Vocals (2,3,6,7,9,11)

Jonah Sky – Harmonica (1,2)

All Strings arranged and performed by Tammy Rogers

Horns arranged and performed by David Ralicke (7)


(1,2,4,6,9,11) Recorded at Carriage House Studio by Sheldon Gomberg, Los Angeles

(3,5,10) Recorded at The Bank Studio by Bill Mims, Burbank

(7,12) Recorded at Stagg Street Studio by Matt Navaro, Los Angeles

(8) Recorded at Stagg Street Studio by Bill Mims, Los Angeles

Strings and Backup Vocals recorded at Studio Gorilla by Chris Latham, Nashville

Mixed by Ryan Freeland at Stampede Origin Studios, Los Angeles

Mastered by Gavin Lurssen, Gavin Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles

All songs recorded Live with the band – a few overdubs here and there

Asst. Engineers - Chris Claypool, Daniel Piscina, Josh Franks, Bill Mims

Art Director/Photography by Alex O. Gaynor


I bow down in print to the gracious generosity of spirit, support, love, and goodwill :

My fountain of patience and understanding Christina Wright,

Little Helen Rose (Wright), William Wright, Abel Okugawa Wright,

Anna Serridge, Jonah, Brian at Maine Road Management

and everybody I have ever played music with … ever

…all those notes we played are on this album, just in a different order.


Copyright2015 - 2Ton Bridge/Alexander Wright

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