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(written by Alexander Wright)

A tribute to nurses and caregivers.

Last Winter

"...Chugging rattle of the instruments seduces with a Roots dreamscape that glides through the song as the story looks to its future."



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"Not For A While"

(written by Alexander Wright - SESAC - Monkee Room Music)

The guitar work is pure Jerry Donahue; soulful, masterful, beautiful and sensitive.

Jerry is battling the effects of a massive stroke. Financial resources are needed for our good friend’s care. Please donate to the Jerry Donahue Fund today.

( Alexander Wright )

Full-Length Album Produced

by Marvin Etzioni OUT NOW!

2Ton Bridge is the musical persona of singer/songwriter/actor Alexander Wright: a hands-on troubadour with a voice of reason digging deep into rich musical soil. The cultivated songs are colorful portraits of the struggle for dignity and significance by a man confronting personal watershed moments. These weathered smiles and measured voices of watermen, farmers, men of the earth live inside a love song, a worried ode, a hopeful anthem; like a memory that has yet to happen. Produced by Marvin Etzoni. Full CD out NOW!

"Take  Your Hands Off My Land"  

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